Telegram Tipping

We welcome you to the telegram tipping service. Last time round seen over 600 units profit, I took a break over covid19 then came back with plenty free bets and now with the football coming back in full swing and with plenty time off work I’m bringing back the service.

Any questions should be emailed to us on but the below should cover what you need to know.

We will provide upon payment two telegram channel links which include the following

Pre match – All pre game picks will go here and we try to post well in advance as much as we can. We will use Bet365 and SkyBet for these picks unless otherwise stated.

Inplay – inplay picks are aimed on bet365 and some on Skybet, but the bets should be available on most bookies.

Price and sign ups

The price for the tips will be £10 per calendar month if signing up from the 1st. If you want to join sign up before the cut off after that you have to wait until the following month to sign up.

Bank Roll Management

I start each month with a 100 point bank, this allowing variance in win and lose streaks. All tips are based on 1pt bets.