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Telegram Tipping

Chris, Jack and Paul welcome you to the telegram tipping service. Chris and Jack will focus on corners pre game and inplay. Paul deals with sign ups and P&L. Any questions should be emailed to us on but the below should cover what you need to know.

We will provide upon payment all channel links which include the following:
Chris Inplay betting channel
Jack Inplay betting channel
Pre match betting channel
Roller betting channel

All pre game picks will go here and we try to post well in advance as much as we can. We will use William Hill, Bet365, SkyBet, Betfair and Paddy Power for these picks unless otherwise stated.

Inplay picks are aimed on bet365, Skybet and Betfair but the bets should be available on most bookies.

Bookies we use

Countries that are not UK based may not have access to the above bookmakers but will have other options, this is just what is currently the best available corner bookies available to Chris and Jack in the UK