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Telegram tipping.

Chris, Jack and Paul welcome you to the telegram tipping service. Chris and Jack will focus on corners pre game and inplay. Paul deals with sign ups and P&L. Any questions should be emailed to us on but the below should cover what you need to know.

We will provide upon payment all channel links which include the following:

Chris Inplay betting channel
Jack Inplay betting channel
Pre match betting channel
Late night betting channel
Higher odds betting channel (0.25pt flat stake on riskier bets)

All pre game picks will go here and we try to post well in advance as much as we can. We will use William Hill, Bet365, SkyBet, Betfair and Paddy Power for these picks unless otherwise stated.

Inplay picks are aimed on bet365, Skybet and Betfair but the bets should be available on most bookies. The odd unibet tip may crop up from Jack and Chris

Late night bets go here we advise you turn off notifications on this if you go to bed early. Both me and jack may tip at 1am in South American games inplay so the separate link provides you the option to join in if awake or mute if asleep without having to mute main channels.

Bookies we use

Countries that are not UK based may not have access to the above bookmakers but will have other options, this is just what is currently the best available corner bookies available to Chris and Jack in the UK

Bank Roll Management

It is key that you understand by following the tips we recommend having all bookies available to you to capitalise on the tips advised. If you only have bet365 or unibet you will struggle to see the profit if a losing streak occurs. We advise all our bets in points usually 1 or 0.5 points, this way each person can set what they consider to be 1 point of their betting bank.

Betting bank roll will be 200 points start from 1st August 2018 until December 1st 2018. 100 points for chris and 100 points for jack. on the P&L will be a counter which shows you what we started at and what the P&l is with a full break down of each tip, who tipped it and what odds etc.

This system allows the bettors who follow us to grow the bank roll over a longer period, but also start with a bank roll that suits your bank rather than hoping each month is profitable with what you already have there when you join us.

Choose Your Signup Option

Please add your email address to the notes section when you pay so I know where to send the Telegram links to! (Add a space in the email address if the note wont allow adding normally)

Only £15 for access until 31st August

Please add your EMAIL ADDRESS to the notes section when you pay!!!
Failure to add your email will mean delay in you getting links!
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